Extended Poster Abstracts:

  1. Mathias Bauer, Nico Leidner, Wladislaw Willhauk, Carina Gansohr, Stefan Geisler. Measuring Decubitus Wounds using Augmented Reality Glasses - A User Interface Study. In Proceedings of HCI International 2022. Further information to be announced. (web) (BibTeX) (pdf)


  1. Company scholarship issued by Schauenburg-Stiftung / Schauenburg International GmbH in Oct 2022
  1. Emotional Building Corporate Startup Hackathon Sep 2019 (by Drees & Sommer): Honorable mention. (web)
  1. Places_Virtual Reality Hackathon Apr 2018 (by Insane Urban Cowboys): Best idea. (web, web)
  1. Design Thinking Summer School Jun 2017 (by Starter Campus Emscher Lippe): Winner business competition pitch. (web)